Merits And Demerits Of Gear Box

Gears are the most common means used for power transmission. They can be applied between two shafts which are parallel, collinear, perpendicular and intersecting, perpendicular and non-intersecting, inclined at any arbitrary angle. In spite of these advantages, gear system has many disadvantages also.




1. Provide positive drive without slip.

2. Suitable for high speed, high torque & high power transmission.

3. Properly designed & properly maintained gear system can run over decades.

4. Very high transmission ratio is practicable.

5. Compact machine train in limited space.

6. Low noise level

7. High efficiency

8. High reduction ratios

9. Decrease in output speed

10. Durable




1. Needs Proper Lubrication System which involve high cost.

2. Needs Proper alignment- misaligned gear train will damage within very short time.

3. Misaligned gear mesh or lack of lubrication will make noise & vibration.

4. Spare gear is costly and proper replacement gear is difficult to procure in many cases it is available only from OEM source.

5. Require skilled technician to maintain.

6.More costly than other drive systems

7.Proper lubrication is necessary for smooth running

8. Poorly cut teeth may result in excessive vibration and noise during operation

9. Quality matters and adds to cost