Reasons For Using Single Cylinder Two Stroke Air-cooled Petrol Engine On Two Wheelers

An engine required for a two wheeler is compact in size, lighter in weight and capable of giving higher acceleration and generating sufficient power to carry load.

Following are the reasons:

1.       A 2-stroke cycle engine ismore compact than a 4-stroke cycle engine for the same amount of power handled. Therefore it is preferred over a four stroke cycle engine in a 2-wheeler as it requires less space.


2.       Two- wheelers, i.e. scooters, mopeds and motor cycles, are light duty vehicles to carry one or two passengers. A single cylinder engine develops enough power to carry such loads.



3.       A petrol engine runs at a lower compression ratiothan a diesel engine. Therefore weight-power ratio of a petrol engine is less than a diesel engine.


4.       A lighter engine makes the vehicle lighter.Hence for the same tractive force a two wheeler gives higher acceleration.


                                        Force= Mass * Acceleration


5.       An air cooled engine does not require water, radiator and a water circulating pump. Therefore the weight power ratio of an air cooled engine is decreased.


However, two stroke petrol engines do not give higher thermal efficiency than a four stroke petrol engine. This means that a two stroke cycle petrol engine consumes more petrol per horse power hour than a four stroke cycle engine. However the total fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is lesser in case of two stroke engines because work done is lesser.