Shock Absorber And Strut Design, Rear Suspension



In some rear suspension systems, the lower end of the strut is bolted to the spindle, and the top of the strut is connected through a strut mount to the chassis. The rear coil springs are mounted separately from the struts. These springs are mounted between the lower control arms and the chassis.


Rear suspension system

In other rear suspension systems, the coil springs are mounted on the rear struts. An upper insulator is positioned between the top of the spring and the upper spring support, and a lower insulator is located between the bottom of the spring and the spring mount on the strut. A rubber spring bumper is positioned on the strut piston rod. If a rear wheel strikes a severe road irregularity and the strut is fully compressed, the spring bumper provides a cushioning action between the top of the strut and the upper support.

On some rear-wheel-drive light-duty trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), the rear shock absorbers are slanted rearward and inward On other light-duty trucks and SUVs, the rear shock absorbers are staggered on each side of the rear axle. Either of these shock absorber mountings improves ride quality and reduces noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).