Leg Exercises

Posture 5:

Keep the right foot on the left thigh. Massage the toes, sole and heel by the hands step by step and slowly. Rotate the right foot using the left hand, by holding the ankle by the right hand. Rotate clockwise five times, anti-clockwise five times. Do not press any point too much if you feel there is any pain or tenderness in any part of the foot.

Posture 6:

Fold the legs and sit erect in the Vajrasana posture. Both the thighs should be together and the right toe should be on the left toe. Keep the eight fingers of your hands on the back and keeping the thump on the sides. Massage the back of your body with hands around the hip portion from upper side to lower side of the region. The eight fingers should touch the backbone while massaging. Repeat the same for five times.



1. Legs get strengthened

2. Joint pain, ankle swelling, calf muscle pain, nerve pain are cured.

3. Kidneys get activated.

4. All nerves end at feet and toes. This exercise makes the functioning of all the inner organs normal. Heart, lungs, intestine and brain also the secretary glands get activated.