Lie down on the back. Keep the legs relaxed, about one-and-a half feet apart. Now start relaxing your body from the feet upwards. Think of your feet and start relaxing them. While relaxing, give this autosuggestion “I am relaxing my feet. Blood-circulation is good. I am getting sufficient strength in my feet. Now I have given rest to my feet”.


Note: This should be repeated as you relax the other parts of the body mentioned below by substituting the particular part as ‘legs’, ‘thighs’, ‘stomach’, etc.

2. Next relax the legs (calf muscles)

3. Relax the knees

4. Relax the thighs

5. Relax the abdomen

6. Relax the stomach

7. Relax the chest

8. Relax the hands and arms

9. Relax the neck

10. Finally relax the head and face

Keep the eyes gently closed. Do not think of any particular thing. Think only of the breath going in and out. Lie in this position for 10 minutes. This relaxation can be done at the exercises. If you feel sleepy at the close this exercise, you may sleep for few minutes.


1. Hyper tension gets controlled

2. Heart diseases prevented

3. Stress disappears

4. Body feels rest and freshens up

5. Body feels active throughout the day.