Value Education Towards National And Global Development

Value Education towards National and Global Development:


Value literally means something that has a price, something precious, dear and worthwhile. It is defined as a belief upon which man acts by preference. By a close examination of different sources of the meaning of values, we may say:

i) Values are general standards and higher order norms.

ii) Value is a belief that something is good and worthwhile.

iii) Value is a measure of goodness or desirability.

iv) Values are socially defined and accepted desires and goods that are internalized through the process of learning, socialization and conditioning.

Importance of Values:

i) Good values are the spontaneous manifestations of a sound character and values form the central pole around which our actions, desires and ambitions are organized.

ii) Values guide our behaviour and give meaning to our existence.

iii) Values assist us to take right decisions and make choices.

iv) Values give direction and firmness to life and help us to be morally sound.

v) Values set goals for achievements and they motivate, define and colour all our activities in cognitive, affective and conative domains.

The value process is usefully seen as being composed of the following sub-processes:

i) Choosing from alternatives.

ii) Choosing after thoughtful consideration of consequences.

iii) Choosing freely.

iv) Prizing and cherishing.

v) Publicly affirming and appropriate sharing.

vi) Acting upon and

vii) Acting upon with some consistent pattern and repetition.

The goal of the value clarification approach (Simon, etal 1972) is to help people use these seven processes of valuing in their own lives by applying these valuing sub-processes to already formed beliefs and behaviour patterns and to those still emerging. Religion, education, social and national traditions and structure are pillars of certain values. The human conscience is also a source of value awareness. When true values are inculcated among our students they help them to take a voyage in the stormy sea of life.

Categorisation of Values:

i) Constitutional and National Values

ii) Social Values

iii) Professional Values

iv) Religious and Moral Values

v) Aesthetic Values