Sensitivity Analysis In Assignment Model


SENSTIVITY analysis is the condition which occurred mostly in the management problem which affects the optimal solution parameter. It is, therefore, desirable to determine how sensitive the optimal solution is to different types of changes in the problem data and parameters. The changes, which have effect on the optimal solution, are: Change in objective function coefficients Resource or requirement levels, Possible addition or deletion of products or methods of production.


Sensitivity analysis:

 (a) Non - basic variables

a)      significance of implied cost, which fixes the upper limit of cost of the empty cell to entertain the cell in the next programme. sensitivity of optimal solution for the variations in the costs of empty cells and loaded cells.

b)      If unit cost of transportation of a particular non-basic variable changes, at what value of the cost of present optimum will no longer remain optimum, it is obvious that as the empty cell is not in the solution, any increase in its unit transportation cost will to qualify it for entering variable.

c)       But if the unit cost of empty cells is reduced the chances of changing the optimum value may be examined.


Sensitivity analysis:

 (b) Basic variables

d)      If unit cost of loaded cell i.e.basic variable is changed, it affects the opportunity costs of several cells.

e)      In case the unit cost of transportation for the cell XE is θ instead of 16, and other values remaining unchanged.

f)       Now opportunity costs of other cells.