Organizational Roles And Methods

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Organizational Roles and Methods:

1.       Sometimes, methods are used independently from any formal system improvement or design project.

2.       In these cases, the methods could be viewed as stand-alone projects. These applications occur in virtually all specialty departments or areas.

3.       The roles of specializations in a typical formalized company are described, together with the methods that people in each area might likely use.

4.       Many formalized service companies have similar department divisions. In general, the marketing department helps the design engineering department understand customer needs. Design engineering translates input information from marketing into system designs.

Example(Departmental Methods Selection) In addition to the associations in Figure, list one other department that might use acceptance sampling. Explain in one sentence.

Answer: Production might use acceptance sampling. When the raw materials or other input parts show up in lots

Specifications: Nonconforming vs Defective:

In manufacturing, design engineering generates a blueprint. Similar plans could be generated for the parameters of a service operation. Usually, a blueprint contains both target or “nominal” settings for each key input variable (KIV) and acceptable ranges. The screw diameter is x1, the percentage carbon in the steel is x2, and x3 is the angle associated with the third thread from the screw head.

Key input variables with acceptable ranges specified on blueprints or similar documents are called “quality characteristics.” The minimum value allowed on a blueprint for a quality characteristic is called the lower specification limit (LSL).

The maximum value allowed on a blueprint for a characteristic is called the upper specification limit (USL).