Process Modeling

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Introduction: Six-sigma is a process-focused approach to achieving new levels of performance throughout any business or organization. Process modeling focus on a process as a system of inputs, activities, and output(s) in order to provide a holistic approach to all the factors and the way they interact to create value or waste.

Process modeling:

1.       When used in a productive manner, many products and services are also processes.

2.       An automated teller machine takes your account information, personal identification number, energy, and money and processes a transaction that dispenses funds or an account rebalance.

3.       A computer can take keystroke inputs, energy, and software to process bits into a word document.

4.       At the simplest level the process model can be represented by a process diagram, often called an IPO (input–process–output) diagram. If we take the IPO concept and extend the ends to include the suppliers of the inputs and the customers of the outputs.