Definition Of Quality- Exceptional



One can find a number of definitions of quality. Definition of the quality will be influenced by how well numerous aspects of performance are able to provide satisfaction of multiple wants and further distinguished by the subjective importance attached by the individual.


Concept of exceptional definition of quality:


There are three variations of this ‘exceptional’ concept. These are:

1. Traditional

2. Excellence

3. Standards.



  • This can be expressed as the distinctiveness, something special or high class. It confers status on the owner or users and implies exclusivity.
  • This definition of quality promotes the elitist’s view of the high quality.



  • There are two schools of thought about this definition of quality.
  • First of all it relates to high standards and secondly it describes the ‘zero defects’.
  • Here, ‘excellence’ is similar to the ‘traditional’ definition and identifies the component of excellence which is also unattainable.
  • It is also an elitist concept and sees quality to be only attainable in limited circumstances. The best is required in order to achieve excellence.



  • A quality idea in this case is one that has passed a set of quality checks, where the checks are based on certain criteria in order to eliminate defective items.
  • Here quality is measured by the items which fulfill the minimum standards prescribed by the producer and can be described as ‘conformance to standards’.