Employee Involvement-model Of Excellence


Employee involvement works, but only as a way of running a business. it is not something to dabbie in. it does not work as a short-term solution or an intriguing experiment. it is truly a Pandora's box, tempting to öpen but powerful enough to change your world forever. Employees who have been trained, em-powered, and recognized for their achievements see their jobs and their companies from a different perspective.



  1. Lyondell Petrochemical Company produces a wide variety of petrochem-icals, including olefins (ethylene, propylene, butadiene, butylenes, and specialty products), methanol, polyethylene and polypropylene, and, through an affiliate, refined petroleum products (gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel, aromatics, and lubricants).'
  2. it has more than 1,500 employees at four manufacturing sites in Texas. Its headquarters is in Houston.
  3. AT&T Consumer Markets Division (CMD) provides long-distance Communications services to primarily residential customers, numbering more than 80 million.
  4. The largest unit of AT&T, CMD has 75 million daily transactions with customers, more than 90 percent of whom rate the overall quality of CMD's services as good or excellent. CMD's headquar-ters is in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The division employs approximately 44,000 employees. CMD won the Baldrige Award in 1994 as AT&T Con­sumer Communications Services.

ADAC Laboratories designs, manufactures, markets, and supports products for nuclear-medicine imaging, radiation-therapy planning, and managing health çare information. ADAC has installed about 5,000 svs-tems at more than 2,500 hospitals, clinics, and other sites around the world. Most of ADAC's 700 employees are based at its corporate head-quarters and production facility in Milpitas, California, or at offices in Houston. ADAC won the Baldrige Award in 1996.

Employee involvement, like managing quality, touches every other part of the business management model:

  • Employees nurture relationships with customers
  • Employees translate customer expectations into products and services
  • Employees manage and improve a company's processes
  • Employees work with suppliers
  • Employees determine and use measurements to improve
  • Employees compare their processes to others
  • Employees contribute to their communities