Model Of Excellence In Customer’s Focus


The new business management model is customer driven. A company that is customer driven is fundamentally different from a company that is not. Companies that build their systems on a foundation of customer satis-faction must be careful that the foundation is secure. The system is organized around customer satisfaction, which makes knowing what your customers expect and require the most important job your company has.





  • Xerox makes more than 250 types of document-processing equipment, in-cluding copiers and other duplicating equipment, electronic printers and typing equipment, networks, workstations, and software products.
  • The U.S. Customer Operations Division featured in this chapter employs nearly 35,000 people and is the largest group within Xerox.
  • Xerox Busi­ness Products and Systems won the Baldrige Award in 1989.

IBM Rochester:

  •  IBM Rochester develops and manufactures commercial computer server şystems, nearly a half-million of which have been installed world-wide.
  • The Rochester, Minnesota, faciîity employs 5,000 people who are responsible for worldwide product development and manufacturing. IBM Rochester won the Baldrige Award in 1990.


  • Staples, a deep-discount office supply retailer, operates more than 650 office superstores throughout the United States, Canada, England, and Germany.
  • Merchandise includes general office supplies, computers and softvvare, electronics, office furniture, and business services such as photocopying, faxing, and business card printing.
  • Staples's Contract and Commercial Division operates a mail-order delivery business as well as regional and national contract stationer operations.
  • Based in VVestbor-ough, Massachusetts, Staples employs more than 26,000 associates. Sta­ples founded the office superstore industry in 1986. in its first 11 years, its sales soared to $4 billion.