Neutralization Of Anger

Neutralization of Anger:


In the Introspection training ‘Neutralizing Anger’ is the third part. When there are objections and obstructions to exhibiting undesirable desire a person turns emotional and expresses it in the form of anger. Anger is the most dreaded one. So it should be avoided.The thought of keeping the anger at a distance is very important for mankind. Thinking deeply about something continuously for sometime a person will begin to understand the various characteristic features of that something. So it will be easy for him to act accordingly.

Anger – The Most Dreaded:

Everyone might have experienced anger and might have suffered from anger differently. Anger spoils body and mind; injures others. Furthermore the immediate impact of anger penetrates into the future also. This is the emotional facet of enemity. Anger brings disaster to the angry and the angered. Anger is the most dreaded destructive force. Enmities between friends, enemity among relatives are common. But why should this happen? This is because of the overriding power of one’s emotions and this has to be desisted. I am angry. The word ‘I’ can never be separated from emotions. The word ‘I’ gets transformed into various feelings. Anger is a feeling. So ‘anger’ is not different from ‘I’. When one becomes angry emotions override intellectual factors. In other words, when a person’s analytical wisdom becomes unconscious, ‘anger’ enters. On study one can understand that the person himself is personified into ‘anger’. For example one has to go to his office. He has to go by the 9.00 o’clock train to be on time. His food should be ready atleast by 8:30. Till 8.15 nothing happened in the kitchen. In this situation husband gets angry with his wife. Another person wants his son to score high in the examination. But his son spends more time wastefully. That person gets angry with his son. An ant is taking a grain. Someone snatches that grain from the ant. The ant now runs round and at the same point. Is it not anger? Obstructed desire manifests into anger to break the obstruction. In the above example the obstacles are: wife, son and somebody. The anger wants to punish those who created obstructions. Is it good? Anger will always make you a lowly person. Poet Ambalavana in his collection of poems called Arapaleeswarar sathaham describes ‘anger’ as the farther and mother of all sins. He also says that anger will make person ‘lonely’ without any relatives or friends around him. Animals kill other living beings for food. One animal is a prey to another animal. The anger, which resulted in this act, is getting passed through genetic imprints.

Anger is Suicidal:

Getting anger is equal to an attempt to kill oneself. Frequent rage may become a habit – Unwanted. The anger which is the effect of a cause may develop into a reasonless, unnecessary, behavioural pattern. Though we regret the anger it is possible that it may reoccur. A person has been angry many times without any benefits. Anger is a destructive force. It destroys individuals, society and countries. One should remember the impact of wars on countries. A person with habitual anger and self pity can never think about spiritualism.

Angry Affects Both – Angry Person and the Angered:

We have already seen how ‘anger’ affects the personality of person. Now, let’s see how it affects others. Have you ever tried to remember how you felt when someone was angry with you? When a person is angry with his wife, son or daughter one should feel the kind of damage it could cause on them, mentally and physically. Once a person’s personal experience prevails upon him to analyze the impact of his anger with others – his friends, relatives, strangers – he would understand how silly it was to be angry with others.

Impacts of Anger:

All these problems are due to the expansion and exit of bio – magnetic particles. As we all know all our actions got imprinted in our genetic centre, so also the anger. The imprint of anger will cause the disease reoccur. For a small mistake getting anger only once should we suffer life long? But if one becomes angry frequently what will happen to body and mind? So the dreadful anger which causes irrepairable loss to the self and others should be desisted. Maharishi Vethathiri says, “Anger and Worry are two poisonous creatures that spoil the human race”. These two are responsible for all destructions. So say these two sentences as many times as possible daily.

Effects of Controlling Anger:

Neutralizing anger is different from controlling the anger. When a person tries to control his anger it becomes double. The impact of the control is too harmful. His health will get spoiled. The person who controlled his anger is more affected than the other.

Training to Neutralize Anger:

1. On a resting day, meditate for about 15 minutes in a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Then prepare a list of people whom you are angry at frequently detailing the priorities, frequencies.