Training To Moralise The Character

Training to Moralise the character:

Every one has some important desires and along with them some subsidiaries one has to analyse them thoroughly.

1. Is this desire required?

2. Is there a recourse and chance to fulfill the desire?

3. Once fulfilled, will the result be good or bad?

These are some of the probing questions to go deep into all your desires.

1. It is a desirable desire? There are resources to satisfy it. The result will be beneficial. When three positive factors are seen in the desire; the desire is desirable and one can take initiation to satisfy it.

2. (a) When you think peacefully you can easily identify an undesirable desire. Take a vow to desist it. Impress upon yourself that this desire should not have been allowed to creep in. Vow again not to allow this kind of thought over again in your mind. As the vow always follows the desire, the desire will disappear in due course.

2. (b) The same way when you find out that a desire is desirable, but unfortunately you neither have resources nor chance you should also vow not to allow the desire to creep in again.

3. (c) The desire is desirable. It is most needed. Sources are there. Chances are also there. But you found but that the after effect of the manifestation of the desire would be disastrous. In this case also you should vow not to allow the desire to creep in again.

4. Desires that are neither fulfilled nor desisted may be many. But if you keep in store these desires that will spoil your peace of mind, your health, your efforts and failure is the end.

5. Desire – Planning – Execution is the three definite factors, which will make a man successful.

6. Desire, Plan, Action, approach, achievement and enjoyment and assessment of benefits are to follow in this order. Contentedness will be assured

7. If the approach is not correct everything will be spoiled, and also if people don’t know how to enjoy it when every other factors are achieved.

8. It is a desirable desire. This is how one should achieve it and enjoy it. If this is one’s analysis about a desire he should plan his course of action and execute it. This method would give one the success.

Training Techniques:

1. Every day, during the rest time, spend 15 minutes in meditation to moralize desires.

2. Write down a list of desires that grow in your mind.

3. Then organize the list according to priorities. Ask the question whether that particular desire would in anyway help to achieve the purpose of birth also.

4. If one decides life can be as comfortable as it is even without a particular desire then, it should be removed from the list. Further more one should vow not to take into account any such desire for consideration in the future. This makes your mind feel light and stronger.

5. One needs to consider various facets of the desire. A desire may be a necessity. But before proceeding further ask oneself whether he has the requisite sources opportunity. For example one wants to buy a motorcycle. His office is far away. The market place is far away. Walking or going by bus becomes too difficult. In this case the desire is justified. He has a saving of some money. Jewels could be sold to add up to the savings. Or else one can buy the motor cycle in installment also on the other hand, even though the need is justified but sources are little, one should be firm to reject the desire.

6. As we have seen earlier if any desirable desire on execution if it is going to harm ‘the self’ or others, this desire also needs to be rejected. For example one need to use a taxi frequently. He feels the burden of the expense. He decides to buy a car and plans. The car might be used by his son or by his wife to go to the temple etc. He calculates driver’s salary. Finally he gets enlightened that buying a car would be economically disastrous. This desire should be dropped.

7. Route to success:  After analyzing all the desires desirable desires are listed and from that also based on priorities a few have been dropped. Now the short-listed desires would be very few. As a matter of fact these few short listed desirable desires should also be dealt with one by one.

8. Compiling unachievable desires, desirable thought, may not do any good to anybody, peace of mind is lost, health is lost, and everything is lost. After moralizing desires, mind gets elated and remains refurbished forever. Self condense grows. Tolerance, love and affection will automatically flow non – stop. All these will happen through this training in a week’s time. Maharishi Vethathiri’s sainthood gives the culmination of truth in relationship concept blesses an ordinary man with saintly qualities